Some Of The Latest Items at Happy Scatter!

The latest items in my Etsy shop were added last month (Feb 2016). I added new stencils, flairs, and die cut card sets:

Stencils, Flairs, and Die Cut Cards at Happy Scatter

One of my favourites is the anchors stencil, as we live near the sea here in Dorset, UK, so I love beach themed items:

Ahoy There Anchors Stencil at Happy Scatter

All the pretty flair make me smile too, especially when there all together in a colourful cluster:

Which one do you like best?!

Don't forget to stop by the Happy Scatter Etsy Shop to see more and to check out anything new that I may have added. One thing I'm developing at the moment is some mini stencils, that are 3" square. Here's a couple of them:

I'm just waiting for some more stencil material to arrive then I shall be uploading these and 6 more mini stencil designs!

Bye for now,

Jennifer x

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